Message from the Patron

Maj Gen Sharad Kapur
Patron APS Kaluchak

The aim of education is to grow children into productive citizens. But more than that its role is to create the "spark" - the curiosity, the creativity, the confidence, the zest for further knowledge that helps a person grow beyond what one believes one can be. Education undeniably changes the scope of the world.
It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction that Army Public School , Kaluchak is bringing out the new issue of the School Magazine. I am sanguine that the readers would get to witness an amalgamation of the exuding literary skills and overwhelming creativity of our torchbearers i.e the students. This unprecedented kaleidoscope would be food for thought, thereby facilitating the students to showcase their latent flair for languages.
The ultimate triumph of an institution is weighed in terms of its students who are brimming with sublimity and take pride in being the apprentices of their revered school. This defining factor is very much apparent in the students of Army Public School, Kaluchak. The school has time and again proved its prowess and emerged triumphant in catering to the individual differences of its students. The indefatigable perseverance and unequivocal endeavours of the Principal and the staff has paid rich dividends thereby enabling the institution to reach zenith.
Through this issue of the school magazine, I would like to convey my felicitations to the Principal, faculty and my best wishes to the students for their commendable quintessence.
We should never forget No one has yet fully realized the wealth of sympathy, kindness and generosity hidden in the soul of a child. The effort of every true education should be to unlock that treasure.